The #3 Corvette was in first place in the IMSA GTD-Pro class for much of the race until an incident with the wheel nut gave them a penalty and eventually put them finishing in third place.  The LBGP is a premier West Coast race for IMSA and years ago I put on a race weekend for RVC in Long Beach that was well attended by our members.  Maybe some time in the future we will do that again as a club event?  I would be more than happy to coordinate another race weekend in Long Beach as this event is a fun filled three days with fabulous weather and cool breezes coming off the Pacific Ocean.  The race weekend involves Indy Car, IMSA sports cars, Stadium trucks, Porsche Cup racing and many things to see inside the Long Beach Convention Center.  We spent a lot of time in the Corvette Corral right on the beach.  Corvette had a huge enclosed tent with live TV of the race while serving cold drinks and lunch on race day.  Guest speakers included the Corvette drivers, Corvette Racing Program Manager, Corvette Quality engineers from Detroit and Michelin Tire Engineering.  Here are some pictures and a link that I wish you would publish.