President’s Letter

October 1, 2023

Greetings RVC Members,
We are deeply saddened to share the passing of a beloved member of our
Corvette Family, Don Hoskins, who had been a valued member since 2010. His
unexpected departure has left us all in shock. A private ceremony was swiftly
arranged just a day or two after we received the heartbreaking news. Our
thoughts are with his wife, Nan, during this incredibly difficult time. May she find
comfort and support in the love and peace emanating from her family, friends,
and our membership.

September rushed past us, leaving behind cherished memories, especially our
unforgettable trip to Wyntoon Estate in rural Siskiyou County, California. Thanks
to Gerard and Patty Pelletier, we embarked on a rare journey through this
magnificent estate owned by the Hearst Family. The architectural marvel and
grandeur defied description, making it a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We were
privileged with a private tour, a rarity given the usual occupancy by the extensive
Hearst family. During the month, we also gathered for a delightful lunch at
Massey’s in Gold Hill, an establishment graciously opened early for our
members. It was a special occasion shared by 26 members and a few guests,
adding to our memorable experiences.

Now, autumn has ushered in the rainy season, marking the onset of a season
filled with festivities. Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day (potentially
featuring a Parade), and Thanksgiving are on the horizon, with Christmas
peeking around the corner. It seems our diets might need to take a temporary
hiatus during these upcoming indulgent months. Personally, I am eagerly
anticipating the cooler weather, the warmth of family gatherings, and the
culinary delights that await us.

Looking ahead, Rogue Valley Corvettes has exciting activities planned for the
coming month. Our next meeting is scheduled at Black Bear Diner in Grants
Pass on October 14. Additionally, we are gearing up for a Fall Color Run and
Lunch, starting from Trail, OR, and culminating in a delightful lunch at Seven
Feathers Resort on October 28.

Warm regards,
John Silverman, President Rogue Valley Corvettes