Formed in January 2006, Rogue Valley Corvettes, Inc. attracts Corvette enthusiasts from all over Southern Oregon and beyond. From Medford, Grants Pass, and Klamath Falls to Reno, NV and the Northern California coast, RVC members share a passion for America’s Sports Car.

Our members’ cars span more than 55-years of Corvette history, and include daily-drivers, anniversary models and show cars.

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Rogue Valley Corvettes shares Camaraderie with its members and with car clubs and other organizations throughout the region. Our members are not ‘just members’ – most are friends; some are like ‘family’. With approximately 100 members, RVC boasts a large and diverse group of Corvette enthusiasts.

RVC regularly participates in Southern Oregon’s car culture and attends events up and down the west coast, often winning Club Participation Trophies. RVC has relationships as solid as the rear axle on a first generation Corvette with car lovers and charitable organizations in and out of the Rogue Valley.

We’re always excited to share Camaraderie with new members or other organizations.



Rogue Valley Corvettes’ very foundation is our love of the Chevrolet Corvette. The Corvette passion is in our DNA – it’s who we are. Though the U.S. has produced many fine sports cars, we believe the Corvette is America’s Sports Car.

For over 60-years Corvettes’ performance and popularity has set the standard on tracks and highways and by-ways all over the world. RVC and its members represent well the phenomenon that is Corvette.

RVC is passionate about Corvettes – and about having fun with them.



Rogue Valley Corvettes’ commitment to Community is unwavering. A social club by design, RVC was founded on the principle that it could make a difference in the communities of Southern Oregon.

Since 2006, RVC has raised tens of thousands of dollars in donations and contributed goods and services to countless charitable causes in the Rogue Valley and beyond. 

Rogue Valley Corvettes and its members are making a difference in our communities.


Our Logo

Use of the Rogue Valley Corvettes logo without authorization is unacceptable.


Designed by our members, the logo, with its red, white and blue color scheme and combined with stars and stripes, illustrates RVC’s patriotism and pride of the USA. The logo defines our purpose of “Camaraderie – Corvettes – Community”.

The logo features the C6 emblem, symbolizing RVC’s genesis in 2006. The emblem reaches beyond the borders of our logo to illustrate RVC’s outreach to other Corvette enthusiasts, clubs and organizations. The word ‘Corvettes’ resembles the nameplates of early Corvettes to pay respect to Corvette history.

We’re proud of the RVC logo and all that it represents.


Mission Statement

“Rogue Valley Corvettes, Inc. was founded to enhance the Corvette experience of all members and to perpetuate the Corvette passion. This is achieved in an interactive social environment of meetings, activities, road tours and communication, while fostering Camaraderie within the club and with like organizations. Further, we are committed to making a difference in the communities of Southern Oregon through charitable contributions and participation in Community events.”


Join Us

Joining Rogue Valley Corvettes is easy and fun.

Prospective new RVC members are required to attend two official RVC Events. ‘RVC Events’ are so designated on and can be found on our Events page.

Membership in Rogue Valley Corvettes is by invitation only. An invitation to join RVC may be extended after the prospect has attended two ‘RVC Events’.

If you desire Camaraderie, share a passion for Corvettes and want to help make a difference in our Communities, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us.