The Pacific Northwest Caravan

Often referred to as the world’s largest moving automotive event, the National Corvette Caravan is a celebration of America’s Sports Car, culminating in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the anniversary celebration of the National Corvette Museum. Hosted every five years, the next event is slated for Labor Day Weekend 2024 and will mark the Museum’s 30th Anniversary.  The Pacific Northwest Caravan is only one of approximately 20 different caravans from all over the United States heading to Bowling Green.  The PNW Caravan will depart from Sandy, Oregon, and Issaquah, Washington simultaneously on the morning of August 22nd and merge in Pasco, Washington for lunch that same day.  We will have six more days of adventure driving cross our beautiful country and then arriving in Bowling Green on August 28th. 

For the most up to date maps and details, please go to the following website: